Enabling new columns in Remote Access Management Console | Remote Client Status

I recently helped a customer roll out DirectAccess on a couple of load balanced Server 2012 boxes. It is pretty common to get some questions after we finish installing, but I was asked something that (surprisingly) I haven’t ever been asked before. Specifically, his question was “When I am viewing the currently connected DirectAccess computers inside the Remote Access Management Console, how can I see what DirectAccess server they are connecting through without having to go into the details of each connection?”

“There’s a column right in there that shows you” was my response. But indeed, there was not. I checked some of my own servers, and sure enough there was a Server column right there where I could identify and even sort the connections by which node they were connecting through. But this column was not showing up in his console. Then we checked his other server, and the Server field was visible on that one! But still not on the first DirectAccess server.

It seems like we poked and prodded around every inch of the interface, but couldn’t find a menu that let us choose which columns were visible and which were not. Then just as I hung up the phone with him (isn’t that how it always happens?), I accidentally clicked on it. All you have to do is right-click on one of the Titles of the existing columns, and you see a list of available columns to select or de-select. The important part is that you must right-click on the name (right on the text) of one of the columns that is already being shown. Right-clicking anywhere else in the Console will not get you this selection.


So there was our answer. We simply checked the Server box in this list, and the new column was immediately available for viewing and helping us to manipulate the data as needed. Sometimes the simplest options are the hardest to find!

Jordan Krause
Microsoft MVP | Enterprise Security