Lenovo System Updates are blocking Microsoft DirectAccess – easy fix!

I recently wrote about the “Intel Online Connect” application being installed on some Windows 10 laptops, and this program causing problems for DirectAccess connections. What was originally believed to be some corner cases is turning out to be a more widespread issue, so we are mentioning it again here.

If you are running DirectAccess in your environment and have recently started getting reports of DA failing to connect, check your laptops for the existence of this Intel software. It is now being installed automatically on some models of Lenovo laptops, through the standard Lenovo System Updates.

The fix is still a simple uninstall of Intel Online Connect. Removing this software immediately resolves the issue, and DirectAccess happily connects once again.

If you experience this and have the time for it, please raise a support case with Lenovo (or whichever manufacturer you experience the issue with) so they can work with Microsoft and Intel to find a true fix for this issue.

Happy DA’ing!

Jordan Krause | Microsoft MVP – Cloud and Datacenter Management
IVO Networks