KB4346783 fixes Windows 10 certificate enrollment issue

KB4346783 was recently released and includes a number of fixes for Windows 10 1803 clients. Many of you who follow this site are using or are interested in DirectAccess, and chances are that if you are running DirectAccess and have ever spoken to me, I have tried to talk you into using machine certificates as part of your DirectAccess authentication. 🙂

Using machine certificates means that you have a certificate issued to each and every one of your DA-connected devices, and nobody’s gonna issue all of those certificates by hand. This means that you are likely utilizing PKI autoenrollment via Group Policy in order to distribute and renew your machine certificates.

Some machines running Windows 10 1803 have been suffering from an inability to enroll or renew certificates, and eventually this will turn into a big problem if not corrected. KB4346783 includes the fix to this issue.

While this certificate enrollment issue really has nothing directly to do with DirectAccess, it could certainly affect many DA customers who rely on autoenrollment policies in their networks to keep their client certificates valid and up to date. Make sure to approve KB4346783  today geneerinen levitra!

Jordan Krause
Microsoft MVP | Cloud and Datacenter Management