DirectAccess Consulting

DirectAccess Hardware Solutions

IVO Networks offers a full range of Professional Services related to Microsoft DirectAccess Consulting. One of the things about DirectAccess that is both great and terrible at the same time is that there are many different ways that it can be implemented. Choosing the best practice configurations is not always clear, and we regularly encounter installations in the wild that are underperforming or worse, have some major security flaws.

Whether you are trying to setup DirectAccess for the first time or have been running it for years, our engineers can help make your environment as efficient and protected as possible. New implementations on physical or virtual servers are easily accomplished, and we will even help with all of the prerequisites that are necessary to make DirectAccess work properly in your network. Setting up Network Location Servers, distributing the right certificates to the right places, and in some cases even assisting organizations with turning on their first certificate server (PKI) are all covered under our areas of expertise.

What is involved with setting up DirectAccess? How can I make sure my existing DirectAccess is secure? I have DA up and running, now how in the world do I get outbound management features working, like SCCM? “Manage-out” with DirectAccess is a particularly complicated topic, but something we setup for companies all the time. How about Multi-Site DirectAccess, where do I even begin to plan for that?

If you’ve asked yourself any of these questions and want a straight answer from someone who works with DirectAccess full time, reach out to us today!