Struggling with DirectAccess and WorkSite?

Microsoft DirectAccess is an amazing remote access technology that knocks the socks off any other VPN-like technology on the market. If you are still deploying VPN software and handling support calls about VPN connections, you are using the wrong solution for remote access. DirectAccess is automatic, its tunnels are established with a very high level of authentication without any user input, meaning that your corporate machines are always connected to the network for both user applications as well as management and security functions. Some customers have had issues with DirectAccess and WorkSite.

We at IVO Networks deploy DirectAccess every day and have found it to be very popular in the legal industry. Have you ever found a new piece of technology that enabled your attorneys to save a billable unit of time every single time that they open the lid on their laptop? You just did. With the automatic connection of DirectAccess tunnels, there’s no more fumbling around with VPN connections or needing to log into something before you can get to work. Open your laptop, type your password to unlock the screen, and launch your applications. Just like when you are sitting at your desk.

What’s the catch? Generally, there is no catch, DirectAccess verges upon magic. However, our legal industry specific customers have found a common struggle point, though it’s not anything to do directly with DirectAccess or their environment. Autonomy’s WorkSite — also known as DeskSite, FileSite, iManage, the list goes on and on – we’ll stick with WorkSite because it is the most common reference that I have heard for this suite of software. This software doesn’t like to play ball over DirectAccess connections, at least not at first. The specific reasons for this trouble are better saved for a more in-depth post, but ultimately there is some incompatibility with IPv6 at the WorkSite client level that hinders its ability to connect over a DirectAccess tunnel. Therefore what most customers find is that they deploy DirectAccess, fall in love with it, and then discover that their document management system doesn’t work. Ugh!

Thankfully, there is an easy solution to this problem. This scenario, not only for WorkSite but for many applications who are in this same boat (such as BigHand), is something that IVO Networks identified early on in the DirectAccess deployment years, and has built a solution that can resolve these issues. The solution is called APP46, and is available today. App46 is a client-side technology, there is no need to change or install anything on your DirectAccess server or inside your datacenter in order to utilize App46 and get WorkSite connecting brilliantly over DirectAccess. This flexibility makes the testing of App46 incredibly easy, so if you find yourself interested in DirectAccess, or already having deployed it and are now bumping into problems – give us a shout and setup a trial today!

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