Charitable Foundation

IVO Cornerstone Principle #1 says, “The IVO Way is about Building Lasting Value Through Service to Others.” This includes Customers, Co-Workers, Partners, Investors and the Communities that we work and live in.

IVO is committed to giving away one percent of everything it does — from the company’s profits to its employees time. As our company rapidly grows into a worldwide organization, our community programs are extending throughout the world as well. The IVO Foundation is the vehicle for this commitment.

The IVO Foundation was created from the very beginning of our company’s existence. We believe that our “service to others” principles includes placing an emphasis on social programs. Service is a cultural value that is part of the company DNA. Our company employees believe that corporations have a responsibility to improve their communities as an integral component of their success. Corporations can no longer operate their businesses in isolation from the communities where they have a presence.

Our “Service To Others” value is at the heart of what we do at every level — which includes our employee volunteers to our work within local and international communities. Our goal is to join a growing group of organizations that set an example for other corporations who we hope will begin to measure success, in part, by the impact they have on their communities.