Company Culture

Our organizational “compass” comes from our IVO Cornerstone Principles and our A.C.T.I.O.N. Values that we consider core to who we are as a company. These aspects of our culture drive our organization and our actions on a daily basis. It is like the “operating system” of our company. It guides how we think, act, feel and measure ourselves by. It also helps us answer tough questions like “what is really important?”, “who gets promoted and why?”, “what behaviors are rewarded?”, “who fits in and who doesn’t?”. We are growing fast and recognize the problems associated with hiring large numbers of new employees.

It is critical to us that the people coming into our company are a good fit with the IVO Cornerstone Principles and our A.C.T.I.O.N. values. The hiring process is lengthy and prospective employees are required to interview with a large number of people including many of their future co-workers and internal “customers” including a final interview with the CEO.

If you are considering employment with IVO Networks, we encourage you to review the IVO Cornerstone Principles and the ACTION values.